Luxus drain and overflow set with water inlet

with rotary controls and rectangular aerator

  • bowden cable length 650 mm
  • drain connection Ø 40 / 50 mm
  • drain capacity 1,1 l/sec.
  • chrome-plated rotary controls with automatic reset function
  • rectangular aerator
  • water connection 1/2'' AG
  • complies with DIN EN 274
  • chrome-plated version available only!

The “Luxus” drain set also comes with a water inlet function. Filling the tub with fresh water generally takes place via a tap that is either mounted on the edge of the bath or mounted in the wall. As an alternative and quite exquisite solution, this drainage set allows for filling up via the overflow.

The rectangular aerator is integrated into the handwheel and is invisible. Its task is to generate the water jet. An even jet that does not splash should be generated when water pressure is low. If water pressure is high, the jet should remain soft and not spray.