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Welcome to Ottofond

A bathroom as a living space enters a completely new dimension and is a higher priority for users.

As wellness becomes increasingly popular, the bath becomes increasingly important for relaxation and rejuvenation. The end user looks for customised, design-oriented solutions that are worlds apart from conventional, compact bath options.

OTTOFOND offers an outstanding range of products

You're bound to find a bath that fits your requirements.

Our wide range of wonderful bathtubs in all typical sanitaryware colours, combined with tried and tested whirlpool systems, the latest innovative technical developments and a huge range of accessories tailored to your requirements mean that anyone can discover their own personal wellness oasis.


Most Ottofond products have a wide range of accessories - from assembly aids and necessary components to accessories and maintenance products. A wide, high-quality range of accessories aids in your search for deserved rest and relaxation in your own home.


Our whole product range can be found on our website or in our catalogue.

Regular market analyses, specialist know-how and product innovations all ensure that OTTOFOND keeps well abreast of the flourishing wellness sector. Consistently high product quality, nationwide customer service as well as highly motivated and qualified staff also play their part in ensuring ongoing success. On the following sub-page, you can order your Ottofond catalogue.

Good to know

Our acrylic bathtubs are produced in quality, fully dyed, cast sanitary acrylic.

The outer shell is reinforced with fibreglass, reinforcements are laminated into the rim of the tub and the base, ensuring a solid shape. It satisfies the requirements of all common standards. Minor dimensional tolerances are permitted due to production and materials used.

Advantages of acrylic material:

  • smooth surface free of pores
  • easy-care
  • resistant to ageing
  • non-slip
  • warm and pleasant surface
  • durable
  • hygienic
  • noise suppressing
  • lightweight

Combined with an Ottofond whirlpool, it is a wonderfully rejuvenating experience every single day. Experience the revitalising effect of water, the gentle tingling on your skin and the bubbling warmth. A whirlpool relieves physical and psychological tension. You stay fit, healthy, attractive. Take a major step and experience vitality and harmony of body and soul.

We offer a 20-year guarantee for colour and light fastness as well as a 3-year guarantee on the whirlpool systems. Whirlpool components are TÜV/GS-tested. We offer customer service across the whole country.