We recommend rigid foam Ottofond supports for assembly of our acrylic bathtubs and shower trays.

Benefits of a support

  • Heat insulation
    Water stays warm for longer

  • Protects the bathtub
    The bathtub is only inserted after installation is complete

  • Excellent soundproofing properties as per DIN 4109
    (with installation on floating screed)

  • Reduces assembly time
    = saves costs

  • Surface can be tiled directly

A bathtub can be installed in less than an hour with Ottofond supports!

Tiling can start after approx. 20 minutes if using 2K-PU mounting foam. The mounting foam is suitable for attaching the support on any surface. It cures quickly and ensures that building work continues quickly. Discrepancies of up to 15 mm can be remedied with 2K-PU mounting foam.

Ottofond supports are tailored for use with our bathtubs and shower trays. Use in conjunction with other bathtub models is not possible and no liability can be accepted in such cases.

Our products are available at long-standing DIY stores and specialist authorised dealers across Germany. If you are a private customer, we would be delighted to name a dealer or DIY store near you if required. You can find your contact person at


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