Innovation meets lightweight

The ultra-light shower tray Nevis with Stabildense® technology with matte, stone-textured surface and drain cover in matching colour is made of modern composite material. The innovative combination of polymers, mineral components and polyurethane + blends form a durable, shock-resistant and inseparable composite for the bathing area.

The Stabildense® technology ensures high pressure resistance of the shower tray and stability. Structural reinforcement at the bottom and edges of the shower tray significantly increases weight resistance and resistance to impact damage.

In addition to good heat and sound insulation, the low weight of the Nevis shower tray ensures quick and easy installation by just one person. The surface is provided with an easy-to-clean and antibacterial coating and offers excellent protection against moisture and mold growth with its impregnation layer.

  • anti-slip effect and surefootedness according to DIN 51097 Safety Class „A“
  • hygienic surface with easy-to-clean and Antibac® coating
  • installation variants: flush-floor installation, mounting on screed or floor covering, no foot frame mounting
  • shock-resistant and almost unbreakable
  • cuttable (see hatched area in sketch view)
  • also ideal for wheelchairs

Feel free to find out more about the composite shower tray with Stabildense® technology: 



900 x 900 mm / 35 mm
Tub sketch

1000 x 900 mm / 35 mm
Tub sketch

1200 x 900 mm / 35 mm
Tub sketch

1400 x 900 mm / 35 mm
Tub sketch

1600 x 900 mm / 40 mm
Tub sketch

1000 x 1000 mm / 35 mm
Tub sketch

1200 x 1000 mm / 35 mm
Tub sketch

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