a range of shower trays with an extravagant design

The Ottofond FASHION models are made of co-ex material = ABS / acrylic-coated, which ensures plenty of advantages:

  • simple, clean and fast assembly
  • extremely durable due to a polyurethane foam layer on all the underside of the shower tray
  • safe, secure attachment to many different surfaces due to a rigid foam support (height 100 mm) - always included with delivery
  • tiling directly onto the support with Flex tile adhesive
  • sound and heat insulation due to the support
  • pedestals and wall mountings are not required (also cannot be assembled)
  • various installation options:
    with support on a bare floor, screed, or a tiled floor
    without support on a bare floor, screed, or a tiled floor

  • floor-level (barrier-free) installation possible

  • magnetic attachment means the cover panels are securely in position in the shower tray
  • typical drain fittings can be used (not included in delivery, Fashion-VK+R/Q Ø 90 mm)
  • drain fitting can be fully integrated in the support
  • the support can therefore be omitted in the area around the drain fitting and the drainage pipes



900 x 900 mm / 15 mm

1000 x 1000 mm / 15 mm

800 x 1000 mm / 18 mm

800 x 1200 mm / 18 mm

900 x 1200 mm / 18 mm

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