Type 1

Whirlpool System type 1

A small, but key step for rejuvenation.

The Type 1 system means your favourite bath is equipped with an integrated Hydra Jet massage system with 6 adjustable jet nozzles arranged on the side of the bath, which provide a pleasant massage effect. This system is controlled by a pneumatic button that is recessed in the edge of the bathtub. The air regulator manages the intensity of the massage jet by mixing the air. Residual water draining takes place via the whirlpool pump and the system. The whirlpool system is fully installed in your desired bathtub and is immediately ready for connection. A drain set and overflow set also comes with this whirlpool system.

The arrangement of jets, nozzles, and operating elements depends on the model. As soon as the whirlpool is built in, then an inspection opening must be provided in the aggregate when installing the whirlpool.

Overview of features

  • Hydra-Jet massage system
  • 6 adjustable jet nozzles
  • Pneumatic controls with a button on the bathtub edge
  • the air regulator manages the intensity of the massage jet by mixing the air
  • Residual water draining via whirlpool pump and the system
  • the whirlpool system is fully installed and ready to connect
  • Standard drain set and overflow set, chrome

Further accessories are available for an extra charge

A wide range of accessories adds extra value to your whirlpool. Get a bit of extra colour or ensure that the water temperature remains consistently warm. Other accessory components help make your new whirlpool more attractive and ensure long-term use. Design your very own whirlpool.

Operating and assembly instructions for whirlpool system type 1

You can find all the information required for assembly and operation of your type 1 whirlpool system here.

Please bear all important information regarding water supply, electrical connections, warranties maintenance tips in mind. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.