Shower trays

Questions about design are purely a matter of taste. The size and shape of your bathroom is a key factor when selecting your bathtub.

Our wide range of shower trays for large baths covers a variety of square and rectangular shower areas up to 170 cm in size. Our square and rectangular variants or quadrant models from 80 cm in size are suitable as solutions in smaller bathrooms. As well as sanitary acrylic, which is an established material in use, material cast has become popular over time and rounds off the variety of shapes and sizes in which our range of bathtubs are available.

Acrylic shower trays

Our shower trays are produced in quality, fully dyed, cast sanitary acrylic. The outer shell is reinforced with fibreglass, reinforcements are laminated into the rim of the tub and the base, ensuring a solid shape. It satisfies the requirements of all common standards. Minor dimensional tolerances are permitted due to production and materials used.

Benefits of acrylic:

  • smooth surface free of pores
  • non-slip
  • hygienic
  • easy-care
  • warm and pleasant surface
  • noise suppressing
  • resistant to ageing
  • durable
  • lightweight

Mineral cast shower trays

The term mineral cast refers to both the production process as well as the end product (polymer concrete or reaction resin concrete consisting of mineral fillers such as quartz gravel or quartz sand and a smaller proportion of epoxy binder).

The surfaces are coated in a colour (e.g. with a gel coat). During production, the viscous mixture is filled into wooden, steel or plastic casting moulds as a cold, homogeneous mass - drying means that the composite material gains the necessary hardness.

A mineral cast is considered to be not as cold as steel and is therefore readily used in modern bathrooms for this reason. Mineral cast is also extremely robust and can readily fulfil this purpose for several decades. This material also has considerable non-slip properties, which contributes to safety when showering.

Benefits of mineral cast:

  • pleasant surface touch
  • minor damage (scratches, spalling) can be repaired
  • structured surfaces are possible
  • can be processed (cut)
  • easy-care
  • floor-level installation possible, various installation options

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