Joint tape

for long-term sealing between the bathtub and the wall

moisture protection in 5 minutes

The joint tape (product no. 192000) ensures long-term sealing of the vulnerable area between the bathtub or shower tray and the wall.

Silicon joints around the edge of the bathtub lose elasticity over time and hairline cracks appear. Wall and tile adhesive absorb moisture that permeates through, resulting in mould or water damage.

The joint tape is suitable for all typical metal, acrylic or ceramic bathtubs and shower trays. The tape is attached to the bath as part of assembly, then tiled over in the next step by the tiler. This provides safe, invisible protection against mould and damp.

  • can be used for all types of bathtub
  • self-adhesive
  • waterproof
  • silicon-compatible
  • closed cell