Sound insulation profile for bathtubs

for sound insulation of bathtubs and shower trays

simple, safe, and reliable

Ideal joint and wall sealing as well as sound insulation are important prerequisites for long-term enjoyment of your bath. The sound insulation profile for bathtubs (Ottofond product no. 191700) is simple, safe, and reliable. It acts as sound insulation and balancing tape between the bathtub or shower tray and the wall.

The sound insulation profile for bathtubs ensures an ideal connection between the bath and the wall. Structure-borne sound is interrupted and uneven areas are balanced out. The profile can be used for all bathtubs and shower trays. The sound insulation profile for bathtubs provides genuine added value due to simple assembly and its ease of use, along with offering long-term benefit to customers. Can be used for all types of bathtub.

  • self-adhesive (removable)
  • waterproof
  • silicon-compatible
  • closed cell
  • noise reducing

Delivery includes: 3.3 m sound insulation profile for bathtubs, white, 50 x 4 mm grooved (self-adhesive removable), sound insulation between the bathtub / wall